Dr. Damon is married to Dr. Clark Damon (owner of three dental offices in Texas) and is the mother of 2 kiddos, Tripp and Isla and two fury babies, Leah and Peter. Through her experience with her daughter and other family members, she has grown to understand the need in Dallas for a pediatric dentist that does teeth and more.

Dr. Carla Damon grew up in Dallas and began her interest in dentistry while attending college at Baylor University in Waco. After graduation, she followed her college sweetheart to The University of Texas Dental School at Houston. In dental school, it became clear that pediatric dentistry was a fitting path. The Damon’s knew they wanted to return to Dallas to be closer to Dr. Damon’s family. After a 2 year residency at the Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Damon continued onto private practice where she treated all children- from the very healthy to the patients with significant medical needs. She has done extensive training and studying to understand oral dysfunctions, restrictions in the mouth that lead to feeding/speech difficulty, and malocclusions associated with sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Damon is co-founder of the DFW Airway Collaborative in Dallas. This group serves as a multidisciplinary group that serves to bring together providers that recognize the need for a team approach to Sleep Disordered breathing and airway issues amongst children and adults.

Dr. Damon has spent the past couple of years studying and training under some of the best providers in the “airway world.” Her initial interest came when she began the road of understanding oral restrictions in the mouth and how they play into breastfeeding and bottle feeding issues, speech problems, lack of development of the maxilla, ect. This later took her down the path of understanding the proper growth and development of the child and what happens when growth and development goes wrong. She has found her passion and calling to help treat children at an early age to prevent lifelong problems. She believes in the team approach to treating kids. No child or family is the same and every child and family deserves a custom treatment plan that best fits them. Dr. Damon has a passion for whole body health and wellness which starts with good oral health. She wants to teach children to take responsibility for their own health decisions to set them up for a lifetime of good decisions. She puts health as a top priority for her own children and wants to do the same for yours. From researching and studying the different products used in dentistry, she strives to choose products that are healthier options for your children. She looks forward to treating your children as if they were her own.

We look forward to serving you and your family. Please feel free to stop by for a tour of the office!