We perform laser frenectomies using LightScalpel’s CO2 laser. We perform them on children of all ages- infants to adolescents. Because of the preciseness of the laser, we are able to gently remove the tissue causing restrictions. Using a laser allows for preciseness and prevents children from having to undergo general anesthesia.


Infants having breastfeeding or feeding difficulties will be swaddled gently. Once the patient is ready, the staff will place topical anesthetic and protective eye pads. Next the patient will be positioned appropriately. Intra-oral photos will be obtained. And a quick laser frenectomy will be performed to all the sites needing a release. Once the patient is complete, post operative pictures will be obtained. The patient will be returned to the mother. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, we have a quiet room for mothers to be with their children. Afterwards we will review the post operative exercises. Patients will follow up in one week and three weeks.


Sometimes children with speech difficulty, TMJ problems, growth and development issues, and/or airway issues can benefit from a frenectomy if it is necessary. We have custom solutions to anesthesia if necessary. Afterwards, the child will work closely with their speech therapist, myofunctional therapist, and or feeding therapist to gain the most function of their tongue.